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Training for drivers of examiner vehicles

Training of drivers online - Quick and from anywhere

We offer you regular and initial training of drivers, including related records and organisation. We watch deadlines for you, we verify skills, issue certificates on completion of training sessions, we keep an overview of training etc. With us you get expert guarantees for training of drivers for companies, regular training updates, broad support from our lecturers, information in the event of changes to legislation, and a hotline for administration of training.

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What should you expect from Driver training online?

The theory course, compiled by a team of experts, is designed for training driving examiners and drivers in the motor vehicle profession who drive vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons. It is interactive, which makes it easier to remember the most information possible with the help of pictures and animations.

Here you can find a practical explanation and updated thematic legislation. Even outside of the time of the course we inform users about changes to road traffic rules, usually by email with an explanation of the changes, and the user can use the hotline at any time free of charge to get expert advice. 

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Training of driving examiners topic


You can complete a driver training course in Czech and in English. The usual study time is 45 minutes, but it can vary depending on the individual. The contents of training for drivers of examiner vehicles can be modified or supplemented if the client wishes. Online driver training is aimed primarily at the following:

  • rights and obligations of the employee "driving examiner" and of the employer 
  • responsibility of the employee "driving examiner" and the employer
  • procedure in dealing with traffic accidents
  • points system and penalties if the law is broken
  • safe and defensive driving in a nutshell
  • economical driving 
  • quizzes and model situations on roads
  • special regulations for business trips
  • new road traffic rules

Price list for this training.

You can order online driver training from us for your employees or we can deliver it to you in the appropriate format (SCORM, AICC) for your own LMS (eDoceo, iTutor, Moodle, Microsoft SharePoint, Plateau or any other). Please contact us if you would like information about prices.


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