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  • easy, quick, efficient, wherever
  • prepared by professionals with many years of experience
  • updated contents of training, monitoring of legislative changes
  • we will take care of all related organisation - watching deadlines, certificat
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  • How to proceed after a car accident.
  • Rights and obligations of “driving examiners”.
  • Get the information you need at our driver training sessions.
  • Free hotline for your questions and assistance.
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  • Does health and safety at work and fire safety rules apply to your employees?
  • Concise, clear and practical explanations.
  • Based on legal and general principles of health and safety at work, fire safety.
  • Online and as an attendance course
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King E-learning news

From June 2021, you will be able to apply for a driver's license change simply via the Internet.

See if your driver's license expires this year. If so, from June 2021 you will be able to request its replacement simply via the Internet. You can find out more about how to do it, for example, on the web

Have you noticed that the "green card" vehicle insurance document is no longer green and has only on

This is mainly due to the ease of printing this card from an email from your insurance company and you can also print it repeatedly if you lose the card and the like.

Have you noticed that the "technical card" (large technician - TP) already has an A4 size and not a

This is mainly due to the GDPR, when you find out at most a single previous owner, when in TP you have only two windows to register the owner or operator of the vehicle and thus the TP has been reduced to A4 size.

A record inspection from the middle of 2021 is no longer necessary during the transfer

From the middle of 2021, there will be no need for a registration inspection when the vehicle is transferred to another owner - the registration inspection period will be postponed to 2 years - a regular MOT will therefore suffice. Furthermore, it will be possible to submit an application electronically for the transcription of the vehicle to a new owner.

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E-learning saves time, and provides quality and flexibility for drivers and companies

An interview with Pavel Greiner, chief executive and owner of Autoškola KING (KING Driving School) and the KING e-Learning portal

Bc. Pavel Greiner - Professional in teaching drivers

Pavel Greiner is the owner, director, and also a driving instructor at KING Driving school, which has been operating on the market since 2007...


Why to choose KING E-learning?

  • Have your employees trained from the comfort of your office with our online option. We can do Driver training, ADR training, Safety at work training and Fire safety training face-to-face or online.
  • You can complete driving examiner training and our other online and attendance courses in Czech or in English.
  • You can try out online training in advance free of charge thanks to our demo-versions.
  • Our online training sessions are interactive, easy to follow, and fast.
  • Training of drivers and all other types of training are comprised of a team of professionals with many years of experience in the field, who are constantly improving the online training courses and updating them with the latest legislative changes.
  • In attendance courses, carried out at our training rooms or on your company's premises, we also provide training for Professional driver's licences, FLT training, and Transport psychology examinations.
  • In collaboration with the foremost training entities in the Czech Republic we offer safety and protection of health at work (SPHW) and fire safety (FS) training, which are in high demand, and we do them online and as attendance courses.
  • We offer free of charge consultancy in SPHW and FS, operation of freight transportation and passenger transportation, transport legislation, insurance, dealing with accidents, emergencies and safety at work in transportation.
  • We can also provide you with training that isn't in the range that we currently offer.
  • We also take care of our clients after the end of the SPHW and FS training or other training courses from our range. We regularly send you information by email about legislative changes.
  • Did you know?
    In accordance with Act 262/2006 Coll., Article 103 paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Labour Code, an employer is obligated to ensure training for employees about legislation and other regulations to ensure SPHW, which supplements their qualification prerequisites and requirements for performance of the given work. The employer determines the contents and frequency of training on legislation to ensure SPHW, the manner of verifying the skills of employees and the keeping of documentation about performed training. If required by the nature of a risk and its severity, training must be repeated regularly.
    It is the obligation of every employee, that is also the driving "examiner" in accordance with Article 106 paragraph 4 section a) of the Labour Code, to take part in training provided by the employer (this is only an excerpt from the law. You can find the full wording of the law on training for ensuring SPHW in Articles 101-108 of the Labour Code).

    Leave it to us!
  • Avoid penalties and leave the training of your employees to us. We will take care of all of the safety at work and protection of health training in accordance with the law.
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