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Training of drivers of examiner vehicles - attendance course

We also offer training for driving examiners as an attendance course, on the premises of the driving school or at your company if you prefer. If we train at the client's place of work, it doesn't matter how many people there are on the course. This training is also ideal as initial training for new employees who haven't had their driver's licence for long.

This is regular and initial training of drivers, including all related records and organisation. We watch the deadlines for you, we verify skills, issue certificates on completion of training, keep an overview of training etc. With us you get an expert guarantee for training of drivers for companies, regular training updates, broad support from our lecturers, information when there are any changes to legislation, and a hotline for cases when you need us to give you expert advice.

Training driving examiners topic

You can complete the driver training course in Czech and in English. It usually takes 90 minutes but it can vary depending on the individual.  The contents of training for driving examiner's vehicles can be modified or added to if the client is interested. Training of drivers is aimed primarily at:

  • rights and obligations of the employee "driving examiner" and the employer 
  • responsibility of the employee "driving examiner" and the employer
  • procedure in dealing with a traffic accident
  • points system and penalties if the law is not complied with
  • safe and defensive driving in a nutshell, economical driving 
  • quizzes and model situations on roads
  • special regulations for business trips
  • new road traffic rules

You also have the option of registering employees for driver training using a form on the website. After training has finished, the company will receive a document from us on completion of training along with all of the legally required documents.

  • Price for 1–5 people: CZK 350 per person
  • Price for 6–10 people: CZK 300 per person
  • Price for more than 10 people: CZK 250 per person

Prices are stated excluding VAT.

Practical section of training:

Škoda Rapid - manual gearbox 

Škoda Octavia - automatic gearbox

45 minutes: CZK 400 per person

The practical section is usually determined for new employees who have not owned a driver's licence for long or for employees who have not driven for long and who will drive company cars for your company. This training is not obligatory but if you are interested we will gladly customise it for you.

In accordance with Act 262/2006 Coll., Article 103 paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Labour Code, the employer is obligated to provide training to employees about legislation and other regulations to ensure safety and protection of health at work, which supplements their qualification prerequisites and requirements for the given work. The employer determines the contents and frequency of training sessions on legislation to ensure safety and protection of health at work, the method for verifying the skills of employees and the keeping of documentation on training carried out. If the nature of a risk and its severity requires it, the training must be regularly repeated.

It is the obligation of every employee, that is also the driving "examiner" in accordance with Article 106 paragraph 4 section a) of the Labour Code to take part in training provided by their employer (this is only an excerpt from the law. The full wording of the Act on training to ensure safety and protection of health at work is in Articles 101-108 of the Labour Code).

Leave it to us

Avoid fines, and let us take the responsibility for training your employees. We will take care of all training of safety and protection of health at work in accordance with the law.

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