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Changes in transport 2022: Overtaking cyclists to 1.5 meters, reserved lanes, tractor with k. C and

Reserved lanes The city and municipal police will be able to penalize on-site offenses related to unauthorized use of the reserved lane. The aim is to strengthen control and prevent roadblocks intended for public transport buses, taxis or police, fire and rescue vehicles.

highway vignette when changing the registration mark:

If you have already purchased an e-vignette and you are changing the registration number (for example due to loss), just fill in the Notice of Change of License Plate on and then send a copy of the large technical card to, where this change is stated. Alternatively, via the ws5mh9w date stamp or by mail to SFDI Sokolovská 278 190 00 Prague 9

In Paris, only thirty

In the center of Paris, you will no longer depress the accelerator pedal, except for a few boulevards. Metropolitan Mayor Anne Hidalg is thus fulfilling one of her pre-election promises, which she agreed with the Allies on the part of the Greens. The main argument for reducing speed is pedestrian safety - according to a study used by City Hall, the risk of a pedestrian dying in a collision with a car at a speed of 50 kilometers is 80 percent, but decreases to 10 percent when reduced to 30 km / h.

From June 2021, you will be able to apply for a driver's license change simply via the Internet.

See if your driver's license expires this year. If so, from June 2021 you will be able to request its replacement simply via the Internet. You can find out more about how to do it, for example, on the web

Have you noticed that the "green card" vehicle insurance document is no longer green and has only on

This is mainly due to the ease of printing this card from an email from your insurance company and you can also print it repeatedly if you lose the card and the like.

Have you noticed that the "technical card" (large technician - TP) already has an A4 size and not a

This is mainly due to the GDPR, when you find out at most a single previous owner, when in TP you have only two windows to register the owner or operator of the vehicle and thus the TP has been reduced to A4 size.

A record inspection from the middle of 2021 is no longer necessary during the transfer

From the middle of 2021, there will be no need for a registration inspection when the vehicle is transferred to another owner - the registration inspection period will be postponed to 2 years - a regular MOT will therefore suffice. Furthermore, it will be possible to submit an application electronically for the transcription of the vehicle to a new owner.

Electronic highway sign is coming!

From January 1, 2021, a revolutionary change awaits car drivers on Czech toll motorway sections! The era of gluing paper highway coupons is coming to an end. These will be replaced by a new electronic motorway toll. You can buy it online, in a network of points of sale or through self-service kiosks.

The validity of driving licenses is extended until 31.3.2021

The Ministry of Transport has agreed with the Ministry of the Interior on the tolerance of invalid driving licenses in an emergency situation in the Czech Republic. People with a forfeited ID can continue to drive, the document is considered valid and there is no risk of any fines. In addition, the Ministry is proposing to extend the validity of driving licenses until 31 March 2021.

Of October 1, 2018, a new "rescue alley" - model of the surrounding EU countries

Did you know that as of October 1, 2018, a new "rescue alley" is in our country according to the model of the surrounding EU countries? The picture will surely help you. The duty to create an aisle must always be when the column is formed.

Uniform designation of fuel at petrol stations within the EU

Since October 12, 2018, there has been a uniform designation of fuel at petrol stations within the EU to avoid mistakes in refueling. Do not be afraid even outside the new label will be retained in our label, which we have known for years.

Watch the camera in your car!

Did you know that it is forbidden to use a camera in a car in some EU countries or outside the EU? For example, in Austria, due to the law on personal data, the camera must be removed or overlaid. It does not apply to cameras that are directly installed and homologated on a production vehicle (eg a parking camera, etc.)

Safety breaks for non-professional drivers

Safety breaks for non-professional drivers According to Appendix No. 1, Paragraph 3, of Government Regulation No. 168/2002, which sets organization methods for work and working procedures, the employer is obliged to provide when operating transportation by means of transport. It says the employer is required to ensure that an employee:

Compensation for damages caused by foreigners

1) Complete a record on the accident and procure the most detailed documentation possible. Only ring the police in cases when required to by law, but pay attention to green cards and information about the foreigner. 2) On the ČKP website you can get the contact details for the Czech partner of the guilty party's foreign insurance company. Report damages to us. If you can't find your partner, write to, and ČKP will take further steps for you free of charge. 3) Within three months of claiming damages you should get a payment in the same amount as if it was from a Czech insurance company.

Online training demos

Demo driver training